A Lesson for Everyone
Horse Whispering may sound like complicated, but it’s not really all that mysterious. The lessons are as fundamental and ageless as the relationship between horses, the people who ride them, and the beauty of the West. In fact, it’s an approach that anyone can learn, and should learn, in order to better understand our common humanity, overcome trauma, foster more fulfilled relationships, and unlock untapped potential in virtually every aspect of our lives.
Healing Experience
During a typical one-hour demonstration, Grant Golliher works with a troubled horse in front of the audience, explaining the principles he is using to build its confidence. The troubled horses used in demonstrations are typically owned by third-parties that come from all over the country seeking Grant’s help. The transformation is nothing short of amazing —and, as remarkable, is the change that takes place in members of the audience.
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About Grant Golliher
Grant Golliher is a master horse whisperer, able to get a wild horse to calmly accept a saddle and a rider without the use of force. Through training thousands of horses, many traumatized or abused, Golliher was able to learn essential lessons about communication, boundaries, fairness, trust, and respect—lessons that apply not just to horses but to humans as well.
Our History
A Transformational
Experience why celebrities, Fortune 500 ex­ecutives, professional coaches, Supreme Court justices, and ordinary families from around the world visit the Diamond Cross Ranch ranch every year to take part in what one CEO called “the most transformational experience I have ever encountered.”
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• Private Horse Whispering Demonstration - $5,000

We can customize this experience to your group's preferences, from meal and cocktail packages, to add-on activities and entertainment.
Horse whispering will change your life. In many cases, these horses have been given up on and we are their last hope.
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Riding Options
We offer customized lessons for kids and adults of all skill levels in our riding arena —the Saddle Club at Diamond Cross.
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Trail Ride
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You'll be right in the middle of a rugged landscape — finding, collecting, and pushing 800-pound cows into picturesque pastures.
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