All Skill Levels Welcome
Each lesson is completely personalized. Our wranglers meet you, the rider, wherever your ability level is and pair you with a horse that is right for you. From the foundational principles of horsemanship and riding, to the advanced philosophies refined over our 100+ years of ranching, we can promise you’ll learn a lot — and have a lot of fun in the process.
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Horsemanship Skills
For those looking to take their riding to the next level, we encourage you to book multiple days of lessons. You’ll be amazed at just how far you can advance by consistently working with our world-class cowboys and our prize horses. As they say, "Great horses make great riders."
World Class
Get one-on-one instruction from our world-class cowboys. We will gear the lessons to any experience and skill level, from beginner to expert, and to all ages.
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• Private Horseback Lesson - $500 per hour

We can tailor the experience to meet special requests (large groups, horse activities, etc).
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Riding Options
We offer customized lessons for kids and adults of all skill levels in our riding arena—the Saddle Club at Diamond Cross.
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You'll be right in the middle of a rugged landscape — finding, collecting, and pushing 800-pound cows into picturesque pastures.
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Horse Whispering Demonstration
Or, see horse-whisperer Grant Golliher (author of “Think Like A Horse”) give a one hour horse whispering demonstration followed by a hearty meal.
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